That 1982 Vintage Volvo Ad (Revised)


It’s the year 1982, the second year Volvo ran the 240 Turbo models.
Also the same era of Volvo America Corporation’s best print ads.
Top of the bill advertising agencies and creatives were trying their very best to boost Volvo sales by creating smart ads on television and in printed magazines. Just like today, advertising agencies were looking for a unique selling point in every product they are trying to sell in advertisements. In a time where car brands started shifting to front wheel drive, Volvo wanted to communicate to their audience they were holding onto the more sporty rear wheel drive. Which they by the way did until 1998.

Rear wheel drive was something the exotic European and American sport car brands were embracing surprisingly as much as the Volvo engineers in Gothenburgh.
In this classic ad the boxy 244 Turbo competes with some of the more unusual cars from the eighties. For example the Porsche 911, Ferrari 308 and even Formula 1 cars. Which is quite a funny comparison if you look at it today. Or maybe even when you looked at it in 1982. We’re wondering how much readers were actually persuaded to buy a Volvo Turbo model after seeing this print ad.

Framed Vintage Volvo Ad Poster, soon for sale in limited

We really love vintage Volvo ads, especially the ones in a frame on our walls at home. Plus we love graphic design. Thats why we will offer a revised limited version of this ad for sale in the future. It’s totally re-illustrated in vector graphics for extreme sharpness and the ultimate viewing pleasure. If you are interested of getting a printed copy let us know in the comments!

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