Rare: Volvo 5×108 BBS RS Wheels

Volvo never offered any exciting OEM wheels back in the days for the 240 / 740 / 940 models. Aside from maybe the 17” Polaris and its little brother, the 16″ Galaxy. You have to look further to stand out from the crowd. We’ve always been in love with the famous 3-piece BBS RS wheels, on any car really. Especially BMW’s from the 80’s. But did you know BBS Germany actually designed BBS 3-piece RS wheels to exclisively fit RWD Volvo 740 760 and 240 models? They go by the name RS 111 & RS 112.

BBS RS 111 – Three Piece Wheel
Size: 16″x7J ET11
Bolt Pattern: 5×108
Hubbore: 65.1
4x 36 M7 nuts
4x 36 M7x27 bolts  
Barrel width: 5J
Outer Lip width: 1J

BBS RS 112 – Three Piece Wheel
Size: 16″x7.5J ET17
Bolt Pattern: 5×108
Hubbore: 65.1
4x 36 M7 nuts
4x 36 M7x27 bolts 
Barrel width: 5.5J
Outer Lip width: 1.5J

BBS RS Three Piece. parts - a golden waffle, centercap ring and 3d center cap -
BOriginal BBS Waffle, Hexa, safety ring and 3D centre cap.

The RS 111/112 Part Numbers
In case you found a set you might miss some parts. To find the correct ones you need the Original BBS part numbers, those are always stamped into the part itself. For the RS111 and RS112 the part numbers are as followed: 

Waffle (or ‘wabendeckel’ or ‘Nabenabdeckung‘ in German) 09.24.028
Hex Cap (or ‘Sechskant or Sechskantmutter’ in German’ 09.24.031 (full height) or 09.24.152 (half height)
3D Centercap (or ‘Nabendeckel‘ in German) 09.24.036 or 09.23.221

Note: BBS sometime used dots inbetween the numbers. Sometimes they did not. Keep this in mind while searching, try both options. Also, when searching try using the German terms mentioned above at the BBS part numbers.

A three piece 5x108 BBS RS 112 with center painted gold
My Customized 16′ BBS RS112 from 7.5J to 8.5J Deep lip

Customizing RS Wheels
It’s fun and fairly easy to customize RS Wheels. So are the RS 111 and RS 112 ones. Common customizations are widening the wheels by mounting wider outer lips or wider inner barrels. Also converting them from let’s say 16″ to 17″/18″ is something that happens a lot. Great website to check out custom BBS RS parts are Black Forrest Industries (USA), Felgen Fuchs (Germany) etc.

Where to find BBS RS 111/112’s?

They are rare. Not many people ordered them back in the days. Finding a set in (any) condition can be difficult. They might pop up on places Craigslist and the Turbobricks forum classifieds. Also keep an eye out on instagram, an increasingly amount of wheels are sold here. 
Try using hashtag #bbsrs111 for example. 

17" BBS RS on a Volvo 242
16 inch converted to 17×11-inch -6 with Falken 245/35R17. Photo credit: Paddy McGrath

Your best bet would be the German version of Ebay called Klein Anzeigen. After all, BBS is a german brand and a lot of RS stuff can be found in Germany itself. Prices can vary and depend on the condition of the set and if they need to be restored, but expect to pay anywhere from $1,000- $ 3,000. A good way to safe time searching the web is setting search alarms on like Ebay, then the waiting begins…

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