Sweditalian: Volvo R-Sport wheels

One way to add some Sweditalian nostalgia to your brick is by replacing your stock steering wheel for a genuine Volvo R-Sport one handmade by Momo in Italy. Volvo offered several models in the early years of the 100/200 series. Variating from three spoke models to the more rare four spokes.

The advantages of driving with R-Sport wheels are mostly the size, and improved grip. These wheels (measuring from 13¾” to 15″) are smaller than the stock boat size wheels, making it easier getting behind the wheel and slightly improves steering.

The MOMO sport steering wheels with Volvo’s stamp of approval are very sought after and thus rare. Finding a complete wheel in good condition for a fair price is getting pretty hard, nowadays they go for 350+ Dollar/Euro if not much more.
Below some models and their part numbers:

A three spoke Momo R-sport wheel with Volvo part number 552344
The 552344 wheel (without horn pad) mounted on a NOS Momo 12112119010/ 9010 Hub in a ’81 Volvo 244.

Pictured above: an original Momo Volvo R-Sport horn button without part numbers. Reproductions were sold by Dave Barton but are no longer available due to copyrights infringement. It’s easy to tell the original from reproduction: The originals have a silver/chrome outline around the blue and yellow graphics. The reproductions
don’t have those outlines.

An original Volvo R-Sport Flyer

Three Spoke R-Sport Wheels
Leather 13¾”Three Spoke 552034-1 / R-Sport Horn Button
Leather 13¾”Three Spoke 552344-4 / R-Sport Horn Button

Three Spoke R-Sport Wheel
552032 Leather 13¾ diameter – All 12 models
552033-3 13¾ diameter – 1967 – 1972 140 and 164 models
552034-1 13¾ diameter – 1973-74 140 models
552034-1 13¾ diameter – 1975-78 240/260 models

GT STeering Wheel
1128127-6 – Four Spoke 1973-74 140 models
1128127-6 – Four Spoke 1973-75 164
1128127-6 – Four Spoke 1975-78 240/260 models

Four Spoke R-Sport Wheels
552345-1 Leather 15” Four Spoke 1979 -1983
552344-4 Leather 13¾” Four Spoke All Models 1979 -1983

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