That 1982 Vintage Volvo Ad (Revised)

It’s the year 1982, the second year Volvo ran the 240 Turbo models. Also the same era of Volvo America Corporation’s best print ads. Top of the bill advertising agencies and creatives were trying their very best to boost Volvo…Continue readingThat 1982 Vintage Volvo Ad (Revised)

Sweditalian: Volvo R-Sport wheels

One way to add some Sweditalian nostalgia to your brick is by replacing your stock steering wheel for a genuine Volvo R-Sport one handmade by Momo in Italy. Volvo offered several models in the early years of the 100/200 series.…Continue readingSweditalian: Volvo R-Sport wheels

Rare: Volvo 5×108 BBS RS Wheels

Volvo never offered any exciting OEM wheels back in the days for the 240 / 740 / 940 models. Aside from maybe the 17” Polaris and its little brother, the 16″ Galaxy. You have to look further to stand out…Continue readingRare: Volvo 5×108 BBS RS Wheels